Conservation areas in Kenya that are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya Wildlife Service manages all the public conservation areas in Kenya ensuring that both people, flora and fauna are well taken care of. Kenya is the hot spot of adventure and discoveries. You get to enjoy beautiful birds, wonderful wildlife and magnificent flora. The conservation areas are diverse allowing hiking, expedition, cycling, boating, gaming viewing, rock climbing, camping, among others.

Almost every county have several conservation areas despite the urbanization and industrialization taking place in the country.

Southern Conservation Areas
Amboseli National Park
• Elephant are one of the species known as the big five and this park is their major home.
• You get to enjoy wildlife viewing, camping, picnicking, cultural tourism and bird watching.

Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park
• Still holds a lot of history.
• You can enjoy game viewing, trekking, wedding venue, butterfly & bird watching, camping, picnicking as well as historical tourism.
Nairobi National Park
• A park at the center of a capital city.
• Allows you close-up viewing of wildlife, educational tours, guided walks and animal adoption.

Coast Conservation Area
Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park
Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Reserve
• It’s the home of the Kenyan dolphins
• You can be able to enjoy swimming, crab lunches, dhow trips, boat safaris, sailing, snorkeling, diving, coral viewing and picnicking.

Kiunga Marine National Park
• If you love the underwater world, then this is the place to be.
• You can do snorkeling, water skiing, sunbathing, diving and coral viewing.

Malindi Marine National Park
Malindi Marine National Reserve
• They provide a home to the corals.
• Activities to enjoy include snorkeling, water skiing, sunbathing, diving, beach weddings, coral viewing and swimming.

Mombasa Marine National Park
Mombasa Marine National Reserve
• They are allure of natural beauty
• They allow you to enjoy snorkeling, water skiing, sunbathing, diving, beach weddings as well as coral viewing.

Shimba Hills National Reserve
• This is where we have the sable antelope.
• You can be able to enjoy game viewing, bird and butterfly watching, hiking, camping, picnicking, walking and coral viewing.

Watamu Marine National Park
Watamu Marine National Reserve
• They are a haven to the green turtles.
• What you get to enjoy involves includes snorkeling, water skiing, sunbathing, diving, butterfly watching, deep sea fishing and coral viewing.

Mountain Conservation Areas
Mount Kenya National Park
• If you want to touch the sky, then you need to climb this magnificent mountain.
• Apart from mountain climbing, you can enjoy the wildlife and scenic views, camping, cave exploration, sport fishing, picnicking, heli-tourism and walking safaris.

Aberdare National Park
• It’s has majestic peaks, moorlands and intriguing falls.
• You can enjoy hiking, horse riding, camping, trekking, walking, game viewing, night viewing of the wildlife at the ark and treetops lodges. Trout fishing is also available along the many ice-cold, clear and flowing streams.

Mwea National Park
• It’s an undiscovered oasis of tranquility.

• You can be able to enjoy game viewing, bird watching, picnicking, camping, trekking as well as boating on the Kamburu dam.

Central Rift Conservation Areas

Hell’s Gate National Park….

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