How do we share the available space in planet Earth

How do we share the available space in planet Earth? Species who have best adaptions seems to have their way. The rule being, survival for the fittest plus a new one, and the greediest too. Human population has been growing at an alarming rate. I guess we are among the top species in reproduction. ThisContinue reading “How do we share the available space in planet Earth”

Animals Too Have Feelings

Just like humans, animals too have feelings. I was very happy when I saw billboards advising citizens to respect animals by not being cruel to them. They went ahead to show some of the actions considered cruel while handling animals. Most people tend to assume that animals don’t feel anything . Or maybe what theyContinue reading “Animals Too Have Feelings”

Extinction means forever

“Humanity can no longer stand by in silence while our wildlife are being used, abused and exploited. It is time we all stand together, to be the voice of the voiceless before it’s too late. Extinction means forever.” Paul Oxton Climate change, global warming, extinction of species, among others have been in our news forContinue reading “Extinction means forever”

How do I contribute towards Nature Conservation?

Calls for nature conservation have been dominating our news and conversations lately. And you maybe asking yourself, how do I become useful? This is a good start and in the next five minutes, you will be good to go. What is nature conservation It involves sustainable utilization of natural resources in order to prevent theirContinue reading “How do I contribute towards Nature Conservation?”