I Don’t Care

Gone are the days,
When I really cared on others,
Not hurting their feelings,
But now,
I don’t care.

I used to concentrate on other’s feelings,
And in return ,
Hurting my own,
I only cared about them,
But now,
I don’t care.

I could be so afraid to “harm” anyone,
Not able to say truly what I meant,
As long as, they were happy,
I struggled to keep it that way,
But now,
I don’t care.

Most of them made me their door mat,
Requested for abnormal favors,
After all,
I always said yes to them,
But now,
I don’t care.

Saying NO was a foreign language to me,
I sacrificed everything to just not giving it when applicable,
The response was what you already have in mind,
No one cared about me,
But now,
I too don’t care.

My third eye is open,
And I come first while the rest follow,
“NO” has become my closest buddy,
No more “pleasing”
Because I don’t care.

It feels good to say NO once in a while,
To have people understand that you are not their doormat,
That you matter,
And most importantly,
Understand that you don’t care.

You are worthy some TLC,
Being concerned is okay,
But caring,
Choose who to give it to diligently ,
Who really needs to be cared for.