Zebras are well known for their beautiful stripes. Just like the other animals, they have amazing coats that offer useful insights and ideas to fashion industry. Zebras are closely related to the horse and donkeys. They do interbreed sometimes, giving birth to zebroids. The zebroid can be zedonk, zenkey, zorse, zebra mule, zonkey or zebmule.Continue reading “Zebras”

Conservation areas in Kenya that are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya Wildlife Service manages all the public conservation areas in Kenya ensuring that both people, flora and fauna are well taken care of. Kenya is the hot spot of adventure and discoveries. You get to enjoy beautiful birds, wonderful wildlife and magnificent flora. The conservation areas are diverse allowing hiking, expedition, cycling, boating, gaming viewing,Continue reading “Conservation areas in Kenya that are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service”

What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife?

As you may already know, Kenya lost all its rhinos meant to be  trans-located to Tsavo. All of them, meaning the whole process failed horribly. And the painful part, is the loss of our precious rhinos. Investigations are being done and some officials have been suspended. Some blame the government , while others blame theContinue reading “What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife?”

All Gazelles are Antelopes, but not all Antelopes are Gazelles

All gazelles are Antelopes, but not all antelopes are gazelles. How is that? Did you know that? That’s right, gazelles are among Antelopes’ many species. Antelope Antelopes comprises of 91 species. its members are even-toed ungulates. They live in groups known as herds. They are native to Africa and Eurasia. Their habitat ranges fro Savannah, forestsContinue reading “All Gazelles are Antelopes, but not all Antelopes are Gazelles”

Samburu National Reserve Special Five

Samburu National Reserve special five are animals unique to this conservation area. They are way cooler than the big five. And a special gem for the North. Samburu National reserve is located in the north side of Kenya. It’s in the Samburu county and managed by the county government. Elsa the lioness was raised inContinue reading “Samburu National Reserve Special Five”

Did you know that albinism can be experienced in Animals too?

Albinism is a birth defect condition that results to partial or complete absence of coloring pigment (tyrosinase – this is an enzyme vital in melanin production) in the skin, hair, and eyes. Albinism is an inherited condition. Its transferred to a species through the inherited recessive genes alleles. This condition affects all vertebrates, both humans and animals.Continue reading “Did you know that albinism can be experienced in Animals too?”

What do you know about Turtle, Tortoise and Terrapin?

Turtle, tortoise and terrapins looks almost the same physically. Apart from that, what do we know about these amazing creatures? Let’s do a comparison between them. This will help us know both their similarities and differences. Comparison table for Turtle, Tortoise and Terrapin Turtle Tortoise Terrapin Habitat §  They are mainly found in the sea andContinue reading “What do you know about Turtle, Tortoise and Terrapin?”

Conservation Education and Awareness

Should conservation education and awareness be included in the syllabus? Personally, I think it should be included. I remember doing a  short survey on the same. It was a survey carried out by an environment organization. Am yet to know what transpired after we gave our thoughts. At what point were you exposed to theContinue reading “Conservation Education and Awareness”

Everyone Loves Good Leather

That’s right, we all love good leather. It has to be genuine of best quality. This cut across all the leather products. From shoes, clothes, watch wrists, bags, just to name a few. Leather is expensive but that doesn’t hinder or lower our. We are more than willing to incur the cost. With something madeContinue reading “Everyone Loves Good Leather”

There’s Hope For The Northern White Rhino

There’s hope for northern white rhino . This is after a southern white rhino named Victoria conceived via artificial insemination. This is great news to all of us. Especially after we all sadly admitted that we failed Sudan (The last Northern White Rhino). Sudan was made to rest on 19th of March this year. ThisContinue reading “There’s Hope For The Northern White Rhino”