Who Is Laughing Now

Do you guys remember the story I told you from the news , whereby they was this arrogant guy who was threatening to sue an environment activist for accusing them of destroying forest. He arrogantly proclaimed that he had a license to do so hence a right to the forest. Karma has finally caught upContinue reading “Who Is Laughing Now”

Letter To The Poachers

Dear Poachers, I hope one day you will understand the importance of wildlife on our planet earth. We are all looking for some means to pay our bills but our activities should not cause any harm to the rest of the world. Its “cool” to be the bad guys but it’s fulfilling to be theContinue reading “Letter To The Poachers”

A Letter To The Wildlife Rangers

Dear Wildlife Rangers, I hope this finds you well. Am always motivated and mesmerized by your sacrifice while working to ensure that our wildlife gets a bright future and survives extinction. It’s not just a job but rather a devotion. You put wildlife literally before everything even your own lives. Not everyone is ready orContinue reading “A Letter To The Wildlife Rangers”