Do you “hibernate”?

It reaches a point you just want to be with only yourself, Only you own company seems fitting and easy, So you ”vanish” for sometime, I guess now that’s ”hibernating”. Life can be stressing sometimes, And people could be adding to that stress, Or maybe you need to deal with it on your own, OrContinue reading “Do you “hibernate”?”

Will she ever get past it?

Mistake is only mistake if repeated, loosely translated from a swahili say.  How do you forget something or remind yourself to forget? It even becomes harder if the involved person is someone close to you. She saw what she was not supposed to see, Read what was meant for another person, Despite being made toContinue reading “Will she ever get past it?”

I don’t hate, I take time to know someone

As I was having a conversation with one of my friends during those lazy weekends. His friend joined us and I unknowingly zoomed out. I slowed down contributing to the talk. And shortly afterwards, I excused myself. After several months, we were in the same situation. But with a different stranger. The cycle repeated itself.Continue reading “I don’t hate, I take time to know someone”

Shame to all of us

Few days ago our primary schools did their final exams. And our news were full of girls who sat the exams pregnant. While others end up giving birth during the exams. They still did the exams. But at the hospitals. With all the childbirth pain, police and invigilators “guard” them while they did the papers.Continue reading “Shame to all of us”

Poor thing

She is angry but he doesn’t know that or why. Unlike other mornings, she doesn’t wake up jovial and energetic. Instead, she pretends to oversleep and ignore him. He taps her on he shoulder, but she doesn’t move an inch. So he thinks maybe she is too tired, and allows her to continue sleeping. HeContinue reading “Poor thing”