Holiday month

December is here! A month that has a celebration  univeral to the whole planet. Christmass,  a holiday celebrated by almost everyone irregardless of their believes. Some just use it to have good time with the families. Simply what a holiday entails. To some its time to have a break from the offices that prisons usContinue reading “Holiday month”

It’s not always about you

Have you ever met this kind of human beings? Everything that happens around them, they will always find a way to make it about themselves. And am like, do you know how many billions we are on this poor planet. You are just like a drop in the ocean. So relax and understand that itsContinue reading “It’s not always about you”

Why am I angry?

I still don’t really know why am this angry at her. It was an eventful day and was happy about it. Unfortunately , on my way home this happened. I came across a couple fighting. Waiting they were not fighting since the lady was the one receiving the beating. The guy was fighting her ruthlessly,Continue reading “Why am I angry?”

Do you easily take ownership of your mistakes?

How often do you take ownership of your mistakes without blaming it on something or someone? Especially the devil, I don’t know about where you are. But wher I am, most people when they have no one to blame for the mistakes or something to use as an excuse. Then the devil is used asContinue reading “Do you easily take ownership of your mistakes?”

I Know I Mess up All the time

He is a mess but I think its not intentional, I have seen both side of him, The extremely good and well collected side, As well as the broken and lost side. But he seems to be at the negative edge, He is only thinking of how many times he has messed up, And puttingContinue reading “I Know I Mess up All the time”

Am pushing harder and harder, it’s not working

Have you ever worked on a dream, but nothing seem to work out. You spend endless hours trying everything that you can think of, Researching and looking for anything that can help you succeed in it. But nope, everything gives you a sad defeated face. Then the defeated voice try to make you feel better,Continue reading “Am pushing harder and harder, it’s not working”

Understanding Captivity of Wildlife

What do you understand about captivity of wildlife? Unlike many many years ago whereby by default wildlife was found in the wild. They have been introduced to captivity arrangements. What does captivity arrangement include? Captivity arrangement is whereby wildlife occupies a controlled environment. An environment that have been subjected to several alteration by humans. SuchContinue reading “Understanding Captivity of Wildlife”