Just because you ain’t the one doing it

Have you met these people in life? Who think everyone else is doing it wrong, And they are the only ones who can do it right. It gets really annoying when you end up doing it, Then when they come after you, Act as if you have not done anything. Worst of all, they paraphraseContinue reading “Just because you ain’t the one doing it”

I loved them

“Mum am done with the chores, can I take princess now?” she jumped with joy as she approached her mother. It was during my visit to the hair dresser. My hair dresser have wonderful kids. I have always loved the way she relates with them. They are admirable . But today, the talk was aContinue reading “I loved them”

Would you help your enemy?

Would you help your enemy, incase they needed your help? Before you answer that, let me give you a true story I heard somewhere. It was a bright day just like other weekends. And kids were at home.  There was this one mother who had left her little one under the care of the bigContinue reading “Would you help your enemy?”

Sometimes you will not understand why

Its not everyday or every situation that you will get to understand everything. Especially why or how they end up happening. You may feel bad, angry, disappointed or even defeated. That feeling of being a fail may weigh you down. And make you doubt your previous efforts. Its okay, it happens. Many thoughts will crossContinue reading “Sometimes you will not understand why”