Mountains In Kenya

Mountains In Kenya Mountains In Kenya. Some are famous and worldwide known. But some are still in low keys. An indication that Kenya is one of the best places to enjoy hiking/mountainreing/climbing, among other outdoor activities that need a mountain. Let’s explore some of them. Mount Kenya It is the highest mountain in our countryContinue reading “Mountains In Kenya”

We are in a combustible Planet : Wild Fires

We are in a combustible Planet : Wild Fires We are in a combustible Planet , hence the presence of Wild Fires in different continents from time to time. This is due to factors such as : Flora rich in carbon The seasonal dry climates Presence of oxygen in the atmosphere Lightning Volcanic activities HumanContinue reading “We are in a combustible Planet : Wild Fires”

The Greater Apes: Chimpanzees

The Greater Apes: Chimpanzees The greater apes include the chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans as well as the bonobos. They are close relative species to humans. They have various similarities and brain developments in progress. They are also one of the largest apes and have no tails. Unlike other wildlife species, they are able to make useContinue reading “The Greater Apes: Chimpanzees”

Understanding Planet as an Ecosystem

Understanding Planet as an Ecosystem. Understanding Planet as an Ecosystem. Earth is an ecosystem as a larger scale. What is an ecosystem? Ecosystem refers to an interconnected system. It’s a biological community that involves interactions between the organisms and their physical environment. These organisms include humans, animals, micro-organisms, etc. Anything that qualifies to be aContinue reading “Understanding Planet as an Ecosystem”

Twisted Conservation Education and Awareness

Twisted Conservation Education and Awareness. Why are we confusing the local communities and other kind hearted people from all corners of this amazing planet? Conservation is being turned into a jackpot for mining money. And people are applying all cruel means they can think of. Wildlife and innocent people are being lied to, their resourcesContinue reading “Twisted Conservation Education and Awareness”

Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild

Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild Do you have kids? Love interacting with them? Or even baby sit them for your friends, neighbours, family , among others. Have you ever think about animation and their effect on kids? Tv shows, movies and any other media contents is mainly animated. Almost everything inContinue reading “Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild”

Spoilt kid

How do you help such kids, They have everything they desire, Get attended to no matter how stupid their demand can be sometimes, Everything is at there disposal. They get so absorbed in their arrogant behaviors, And somehow forgets the reality of life, They take everything and everyone for granted, Hence care less about them.Continue reading “Spoilt kid”