#Me Too

We all remember this harsh tag, right? More women came out and it was evident that sexual harassment was a problem. It mainly concentrated on those assaulted at work place. In Kenya, it was more shocking. As the assaults were and still are rampant in public vehicles. More women and girls came out. This helpedContinue reading “#Me Too”

Every Step Counts

We rarely appreciate small steps. Even go ahead to see them like micro failures. Adding more frustrations to our lives. We fail to appreciate the fact that, we have accomplished something however small it may be. If you manage to move a step ahead, you are doing good. You are not where you were yesterday.Continue reading “Every Step Counts”

Live In The Present

Each day is a new opportunity, A new unwritten page, Another chance, It’s a beginning of something good. Yesterday may have been a bad one, Full of disappointments, Unbearable pains, But it’s gone now. Don’t allow the future take away your happiness, We will get there step after step, Over worrying about it may createContinue reading “Live In The Present”

What Will People Say

“What will people say ?” is the notorious hindrance to many dreams and destinations. As much as we are always advised to ignore what people will say, it’s debatable sometimes. We are social beings by default. We depend on each other. And of course, no man is an island. You want more people to flockContinue reading “What Will People Say”


Do you express your creative side? Are you doing enough and satisfied with your accomplishments? What are the most important things in your life? How do you fulfill them? Are head the right direction and serving your purpose? What priority have you given your self-fulfillment? Are you able to enjoy fulfillment solely by yourself orContinue reading “SELF-FULFILLMENT”


What is the one thing that provokes you biggest? Is your hatred aggressive or passive? Between loving and hating, what comes to you easily? Does your hatred affect the quality of how you live? Does hatred offer any usefulness to you? What is the major cause of your hatred? Is your hatred highly directed toContinue reading “HATE”


Do you value what you do? How important is it to you? Do you base your self value on other peoples opinion or within? How well do you take care of both your mental and emotional needs? Are you contented with your present or needs some improvement? How do you handle your mistakes? How doContinue reading “SELF-ESTEEM”