As a brand new blogger, I am beyond grateful to have been nominated for the Liebster Award 2017. Thank you Megan for your support and nomination. Please stop by to check out Megan’s blog at The posts are filled with inspiration and gives motivation through thoughts and ideas taking in all of the differentContinue reading “LIEBSTER AWARD”

Youngsters Contribution Towards Wildlife Conservation.

“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.” Fredrick Douglass It is true that we learn and stick to the teachings most done while we were still young. When we are still young, nothing seems to block our dreams and vision. We are not afraid of failures and only believe on winning.Continue reading “Youngsters Contribution Towards Wildlife Conservation.”

I Miss My Lovely Smart

Smart have been a very close friend of mine  for many years and her death really affected me. It was one of those days whereby almost everything seems to go wrong, I had just completed my exams and I had screwed up on my last paper. When I saw my mum’s call, I was relievedContinue reading “I Miss My Lovely Smart”