Letter to all FAKE Conservationists

This must be  one of my saddest letter. Why would you pretend to fight for wildlife? Why would you take innocent citizens for granted? Misusing their donations in destroying the same wildlife they think they are conserving. Using conservation agenda to meet your evil hidden goals. Hiding behind big  organizations perceived to conserve nature. Coming upContinue reading “Letter to all FAKE Conservationists”


The Great Wildebeest Migration

It is believed to be one of the Seven New wonders of the World. Mainly involves two countries, Kenya and Tanzania. The migration is primarily driven by the search of fresh pasture and water. And has been there for many years now. For you to enjoy this migration, you have to be conversant with theContinue reading “The Great Wildebeest Migration”


Zebras are well known for their beautiful stripes. Just like the other animals, they have amazing coats that offer useful insights and ideas to fashion industry. Zebras are closely related to the horse and donkeys. They do interbreed sometimes, giving birth to zebroids. The zebroid can be zedonk, zenkey, zorse, zebra mule, zonkey or zebmule.Continue reading “Zebras”

What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife?

As you may already know, Kenya lost all its rhinos meant to be  trans-located to Tsavo. All of them, meaning the whole process failed horribly. And the painful part, is the loss of our precious rhinos. Investigations are being done and some officials have been suspended. Some blame the government , while others blame theContinue reading “What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife?”

All Gazelles are Antelopes, but not all Antelopes are Gazelles

All gazelles are Antelopes, but not all antelopes are gazelles. How is that? Did you know that? That’s right, gazelles are among Antelopes’ many species. Antelope Antelopes comprises of 91 species. its members are even-toed ungulates. They live in groups known as herds. They are native to Africa and Eurasia. Their habitat ranges fro Savannah, forestsContinue reading “All Gazelles are Antelopes, but not all Antelopes are Gazelles”

Is it a bright day.?

We are shortly past mid year, so 2018 is quickly fading away. We have made progress and failures along the way. Maybe we are not yet where we promised ourselves to do this year, but we still have 5 months to make it happen. Am not very happy with the death of some rhinos thatContinue reading “Is it a bright day.?”

Samburu National Reserve Special Five

Samburu National Reserve special five are animals unique to this conservation area. They are way cooler than the big five. And a special gem for the North. Samburu National reserve is located in the north side of Kenya. It’s in the Samburu county and managed by the county government. Elsa the lioness was raised inContinue reading “Samburu National Reserve Special Five”

Giraffe : The Tallest Animal In The World

Giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. Their legs alone are taller than most of us. They are amazing animals. And when you across the ones in Kenya. To be specific, in Giraffe  Center. You will definitely get a kiss from them. This is after you feed them some carrots. They belong to the familyContinue reading “Giraffe : The Tallest Animal In The World”

Rare Animals Found In The Deep Water Bodies

After reading more about the animal with albinism and how rare they are. I was motivated to research on the rare animals found in the deep water bodies. Rare status motivates curiosity. Rare animals are  species that are  not common and not easily encountered. They are not necessarily endangered or threaten. I was able toContinue reading “Rare Animals Found In The Deep Water Bodies”

Did you know that albinism can be experienced in Animals too?

Albinism is a birth defect condition that results to partial or complete absence of coloring pigment (tyrosinase – this is an enzyme vital in melanin production) in the skin, hair, and eyes. Albinism is an inherited condition. Its transferred to a species through the inherited recessive genes alleles. This condition affects all vertebrates, both humans and animals.Continue reading “Did you know that albinism can be experienced in Animals too?”