Who does natural resources belong to?

Who do you think natural resources belong to? Is it the public as stated by constitution in most countries? Or citizens of that particular area/location. Or individuals who think that it does belong to them. From my understanding, natural resources belong to the public. Benefits obtained from them should be used enjoyed by all citizens.Continue reading “Who does natural resources belong to?”


Animals Too Have Feelings

Just like humans, animals too have feelings. I was very happy when I saw billboards advising citizens to respect animals by not being cruel to them. They went ahead to show some of the actions considered cruel while handling animals. Most people tend to assume that animals don’t feel anything . Or maybe what theyContinue reading “Animals Too Have Feelings”

Hippos are the new Elephants in the Ivory World

Did you know that hippos are the new elephants in the ivory world? That’s right and quite sad. So the elephants have drastically reduced in population. And the poachers are looking for alternatives, since it seems they can’t survive without ivory. Fact: Hippo teeth are made of ivory just like elephants tusks. It’s very sadContinue reading “Hippos are the new Elephants in the Ivory World”

Why Pets will help shape conservationists of tomorrow

Are you in agreement that pets will help shape conservationists of tomorrow? It may be a Yes or a No. But allow me few minutes we reason together. Pets are increasing fame into our homes. More people are embracing having them in the living space and considering them as part of the family. Unlike theContinue reading “Why Pets will help shape conservationists of tomorrow”

What did You During World Rhino’s Day!

World Rhino Day is marked on 22nd of September. We get to celebrate this wonderful species as well as recognize it’s importance in the ecosystem. We lost Sudan early this year and his death promoted awareness around rhinos. More people got to understand some facts about them. From their conservation status to survival rates. MoreContinue reading “What did You During World Rhino’s Day!”

Extinction means forever

“Humanity can no longer stand by in silence while our wildlife are being used, abused and exploited. It is time we all stand together, to be the voice of the voiceless before it’s too late. Extinction means forever.” Paul Oxton Climate change, global warming, extinction of species, among others have been in our news forContinue reading “Extinction means forever”


Oysters are salt-water bivalve mollusks found in oceans/sea/brackish habitats. They belong to the ostreoidea family. They can be consumed raw or cooked by humans. And some of them have pearl that is harvested to make decorative objects. Types of Oysters 1. True Oysters Comprises of the edible oysters. Examples include belon oyster, Olympia oyster, pacificContinue reading “Oysters”

Sea Urchins

Sea urchins are marine creatures. They are echinoderms and belong to the class of Echinoidea. And can be found in the floor of oceans. They prefer areas with coral reef for safety measures. Sea urchin have more than 100 known species. Which are different in sizes, color and shapes. But mainly in round to ovalContinue reading “Sea Urchins”

Passion Is Everything

Passion is everything. It can help you understand something very well more than someone who had to under education program. The sun was very hot, very normal for people living in Mombasa. As we made our way to the beach, it was already full despite being a week day. People are quickly appreciating importance ofContinue reading “Passion Is Everything”