Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild

Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild Do you have kids? Love interacting with them? Or even baby sit them for your friends, neighbours, family , among others. Have you ever think about animation and their effect on kids? Tv shows, movies and any other media contents is mainly animated. Almost everything inContinue reading “Introducing kids to the real wildlife in the wild”

Does a repeated or ignored mistake turn to be a good thing?

Does a repeated or ignored mistake turn to be a good thing? Whereby you keep repeating a mistake previously made by someone else. Or choose to ignored it all together since no one seem to ask you about it. And when they eventually ask you about it, you work hard to justify your wrong doings.Continue reading “Does a repeated or ignored mistake turn to be a good thing?”

The Tallest Animals Are in Danger.

The tallest animals are in danger. The giraffes in our planet are facing danger of being extinct. Yes, sadly giraffes may leave us very soon. Unfortunately they are not being given same concentration as species such as the elephants and rhinos. Did you ? Giraffes have already gone extinct in some countries such as Eritrea,Continue reading “The Tallest Animals Are in Danger.”

Our Coins Our Heritage

Our coins our heritage. That’s right. That has been the song in our media devices as Central Bank of Kenya make Kenyans aware of the new coins. Yes, our president revealed the new coins few days ago. No more presidents’ faces on our coins. I like the idea and tend to think it will bringContinue reading “Our Coins Our Heritage”

How does climate change affect wildlife?

How does climate change affect wildlife? Are they safer than humans, or worst off ? Wildlife seems to be the unlucky species lately in this planet. They almost have enemies from all angles. Yet they can do very little if any for themselves. To make the survival a success. They suffer: Habitat fragmentation and loss.Continue reading “How does climate change affect wildlife?”

Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out

Wildlife destinations in Africa you need to check out. It’s holiday season and travelling is one of the things that makes it more merrier. It’s that time of the year where families come together. Or you get an opportunity to have some quality me time if you prefer your own company. All in all, it’sContinue reading “Wildlife destinations in Africa that you need to check out”

Where do we stand as a planet?

Where do we stand as a planet? In terms of natural resources and health of our atmosphere. Do you have any idea? Or have any clue? Unfortunately some people don’t believe in science or their research. Hence ignoring all the reports given regarding anything. Am not sure what they use to understand the changes weContinue reading “Where do we stand as a planet?”

What is Blue economy?

What is blue economy? What does it entail? The Blue economy conference for 2018 kicked off two days ago and will be concluding today. It brought many nations, organisation and people together. Let’s get to understand what it entails In general terms, it is use of marine environment for its economic value. Include activities suchContinue reading “What is Blue economy?”

Leopard : Fast and beautiful

Leopard are the fastest felines as they can run up to to 58 km/h. The rosettes (dark spots that  resemble the shape of a rose) on their coats makes them look very beautiful. The rosette patterns are unique to each leopard. Leopards in East Africa tend to have circular rosettes while the ones in SouthernContinue reading “Leopard : Fast and beautiful”

What’s next after the ban on logging in Kenya?

What’s next after the ban on logging in Kenya? Ban on logging is still on and loggers have started wondering what’s next for them. They seemed to no longer agree to remain silent about it. Their argument They argue that their contribution as timber production has an effect on our country’s GDP. In short cuttingContinue reading “What’s next after the ban on logging in Kenya?”