Outdoor activities of great help

Outdoor activities of great help Outdoor activities of great help. Activities that make use of evry part of you from brains, muscles and even soul. Such activities are very important for our wholesomeness. Allows us to enrich every ascept of our being. Hence keeping away doctors and poor health. And mostly at a very lowContinue reading “Outdoor activities of great help”

We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk We Need To Talk. The most fear sentence of line by human kind. I looked at him and wondered, “Why are so sad?”and what’s the need of the talk?” He just shook his head and looked the other side. Had I done something wrong? I needed to know, so I wentContinue reading “We Need To Talk”

Primates: The Most Developed and intelligent Animal Species

Primates: The Most Developed and intelligent Animal Species Primates, they most Developed and intelligent animal species on our planet. It also includes humans, who happens to be the most developed and intelligent. Basic knowledge about primates Primates are characterized by large brains relative to their body shape, and an increased dependency on their visual acuityContinue reading “Primates: The Most Developed and intelligent Animal Species”

Let’s Go to the Kingwal Swamp

Let’s Go to the Kingwal Swamp Let’s go to the Kingwal Swamp. I have been thinking about it for some time and I think it’s time I seriously squeeze it into my next adventures. Stay tuned, I will share how it will unfold. For now, let us get to know a little about this swamp.Continue reading “Let’s Go to the Kingwal Swamp”

It Got Me Thinking

It got me thinking once I watched his video. The video was trying to understand the no straw decision made by McDonald. McDonald’s banned use of straws in their restaurants some time this year. In solidarity with conservationists towards fight against the one use plastics. Reports have been going round on the negative effects ofContinue reading “It Got Me Thinking”

Let’s talk about the Zero Waste

Let’s talk about the zero waste. It has been discussed and campaigned a couple of months now. And more people are embracing it as well as giving out their opinion about it. It’s one of the moves geared towards conservation of mother nature. How does she do it? Have you heard of Lauren Singer, aContinue reading “Let’s talk about the Zero Waste”

I don’t hate, I take time to know someone

As I was having a conversation with one of my friends during those lazy weekends. His friend joined us and I unknowingly zoomed out. I slowed down contributing to the talk. And shortly afterwards, I excused myself. After several months, we were in the same situation. But with a different stranger. The cycle repeated itself.Continue reading “I don’t hate, I take time to know someone”