She thought she was the only one…

It was her birthday and everyone was showering her inbox with sweet birthday wishes. Thanks to technology, it keeps us updated on such events and promotes warmth during such events. You don’t have to memorize the dates or mark the dates, google will do it for you. One of the advantages of being homo sapiensContinue reading “She thought she was the only one…”

The Blogger Appreciation Award

Happy Monday, Folks! I am delighted to have been nominated for the Blogger Appreciation Award by the wonderful and talented Josh . This award was created by Charles French, who is an accomplished writer and a professor, and he has just released a new book titled Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society. This horror novel has receivedContinue reading “The Blogger Appreciation Award”

Am only one call away

Dear friend I can see those tears beyond that fake smile, Your happiness is no longer reflecting on your eyes, Your warmth and laughter are gone, Silence has replaced them all but you still try to cover it by a fake smile, I want you to remember, am only one call away You are oneContinue reading “Am only one call away”

Goodies for the weekend..

Weekends allows you to rest after a busy week, visit neighborhood as well as nature, catch up with your favourite TV shows or even reflect on the compass of your life. I was watching some TV program and they was this guy who shared 10 rules of success. They included : 1. Just do itContinue reading “Goodies for the weekend..”


It is the fourth largest island on earth and is located off the southeast coast of Africa. Its vegetation consists of reefs, rain forest and beach. Mammals, reptiles and amphibians found in Madagascar are 98% unique to this island and not found anywhere else in the world. It is a home to unique ancient primate knownContinue reading “Madagascar”