Like Mother Like Daughter..💖💖💖💖

My Dearest Mother Your arms were always open when I needed a hug Your heart understood when I needed a friend Your gentle eyes were stern when I need a lesson Your strength was superb when I needed a guide Your smile was bold when I needed love You graduated in making me who IContinue reading “Like Mother Like Daughter..💖💖💖💖”

How Far Is Too Far

Everyone loves good times and these good times contain light moments, the jokes. We get to joke about some things on each other especially the ones considered as weaknesses in the serious world. This include our weight, height, jobs, wealth, physical nature, among others. While cracking those jokes and laughing off our lungs, do weContinue reading “How Far Is Too Far”

We are not short, we are fun size….

Do you ever think of all the awesomeness you have in you , the uniqueness you posses… Well today I decided to check out the fun facts about my height and they are just super awesome, thanks buzz feed. Enjoy…. No one ever asks us to help them lift things! And this works out fineContinue reading “We are not short, we are fun size….”

Its Okay To Be Vulnerable

How often do you do allow yourself to be vulnerable? Our world is moving very fast and everyone is working hard to keep up with that pace, We have been developed and modified to understand that there is no future for the “weak” species, Being strong has become mandatory for survival in this planet. LookContinue reading “Its Okay To Be Vulnerable”

Rock climbing

It’s a fun activity to undertake and full of fun but a scary one too. It involves climbing up, down or across natural rock formations or artificial rock walls. I remember during our survival techniques course at the campus we had to do it on a real one , the natural one ,not the manmade one.Continue reading “Rock climbing”