What Happens To the Wildlife and other Species when Hit By Drought?

Let us allow Nature to heal

What Happens To the Wildlife and other Species when Hit By Drought?

What Happens To the Wildlife and other Species when Hit By Drought? Does it cross our mind when helping humans struck by drought? Do we include them in plans made to help out those being affected by this dangerous calamity?

Climate change and global warming have given birth to severe calamities such as droughts. Which has greatly hit parts of the world, especially Africa. People and other living organisms die as result of lack of food and water. They starve to death. I can only imagine the pain that goes along with it.

Have you ever missed a meal or drink for several hours, due to unavoidable circumstances? Maybe your hiking takes longer than you anticipated and no shop to do a refill? Every cell in your body cries out loud and pain can be unbearable.

At least in this scenario, you have hope that someone in the next day of couple of hours. You will get something to eat and drink. But that’s not the case when a drought hits you. As much you may have hope that someone may come in your rescue. The hope is pretty slim.

When drought hit wildlife

Wildlife in areas hit by drought suffer a lot and put themselves in trouble with the community.

They will be forced by the circumstances to move into the communities’ space. Leading to increased human-wildlife conflicts. In the process losing their lives or getting hurt really bad.

They are also targeted as food source in such times.

Most of the water sources in the conservation areas and areas occupied by wildlife depend on the natural sources. Like rains, rivers, among others. Unlike us, they don’t have tapped water directed to the natural homes.

So the rains and rivers continue to vanish in our planet. Water sources disappear in wildlife areas. Wildlife ends up traveling long distances and invaing communities’ space in search of water.

With no rains and dried rivers, the soils will be equally dry. So vegetation dries up shortly aftrewards.

On top of, poaching and diseases, natural calamities contribute to massive wildlife wipe out.

Should we relocate wildlife in affected areas?

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