Pangolins are about to be Extinct in the Near Future

Pangolins are about to be Extinct in the Near Future

The Vulnerable Pangolins are about to be Extinct in the Near Future

The vulnerable pangolins are about to be extinct in the near future. They are quickly exiting our planet. And we are the ones pushing them away.


It’s the only mammal covered by a large protective keratin scales.

They are nocturnal mammals that live in burrows or hollow trees. This is dependent on their species. They are insectivorous. Mainly feed on ants and termites using their long tongues.

They keep much to themselves. Are solitary animals that only come together during mating. They raise their offsprings for about two years before parting ways.

Pangolin species

They are eight species of pangolins across the world and they can be categorized per their IUCN status.

  • Vulnerable species include African black-bellied pangolin, tree pangolin, giant pangolin and ground pangolin.
  • Endangered species include Indian/thick-failed pangolin and Philippine/Palawan pangolin.
  • Critically endangered species include Chinese pangolins and Sunda pangolins.

Why are we so obsessed with keratin yet we don’t care about the one in our finger nails?

Just like rhino’s horns, pangolin’s scales are made of keratin. Same materials found in our finger nails and hair.

People cut their nails and hair all the time. If they need keratin that bad, they can just talk with the Saloons for the collection of the products. By the way, there was a very interesting baby girl and group of people that volunteered to collect fingernails for these people.

Superstition has been passed with time. There are no healing properties in these animal parts. If you are looking for healing without destroying nature and it’s wildlife. Take a walk in the woods. You will be healed beyond your expectations and no one will have to die in the process.

Let’s stop this nonsense which results to killing of innocent wildlife.

Threats facing Pangolins

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