Let’s speak up for our wildlife

Let’s speak up for our wildlife.

Someone somewhere will hear you and action on it. And if you are in a position to act on it yourself, then speak up and action.

Information and knowledge is spread and acquired by speaking up. You only get to know or learn more about something/one by reading or listening to some information. Someone may have researched about it and shared it on the million platforms we have nowadays.

How can you get your conservation voice heard out here?

  • It may including:
  • Start from where your are. Make it your habit to always include such information in your daily conversations. From the simple talks with your kids, siblings,parents, or anyone living within your home.
  • Speaking out verbally wherever you are. May it be in a bus, the streets or even during a get together event.
  • Writing it down and sharing. For those who rather pen it down, then write as mush as you could. Do you best to pass your information through your writings.
  • Join forums and platforms dedicated to conservation. They are everywhere and trying to connect with as many people as possible. Join them and air out your opinions. Gains more and share it back home.

It’s never in vain, they will get your message and action on it

Do you remember the article I wrote passing across my thoughts on a public bench writings I saw? Alternatively you can get it here.

I was not pleased on how they concentrated on the amount attracted by the wildlife parts sale. Rather than tell people the reasons to conserve that species. Readers gave me great thoughts and support through comments and sharing the article. And guess what? They just added another similar advertisement to a nearby public bench.

This time round, they wrote about elephants. They didn’t mention the worth of the ivory or anything that would indicate revenue collected from their sale. Instead deeply pointed out the important reasons we should protect elephants and how their poaching has affected us. This is great news.

So yes, your information will somehow make its way to the intended parties. As long as you speak up.

Read the full article here.

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