We can Just

We can just quit the jobs we hate and go home,

Leave all the things we hate and move one,

Cut off everyone who brings us down,

We can just do that.

But life is that screwed up sometimes.

Maybe we need that job we hate to be able to move to the next step,

Be able to pay our bills as we try to figure things out,

Be able to save for the our own projects that we love,

So we can’t just quit yet.

Not everything we hate is that bad,

Some of these things shape the successful future us,

Hence this things are vital in our loves,

So its not yet time to leave behind all the things we hate.

Most people are not happy of your success,

They may try or do their best to ensure they bring you down,

Use this experiences to grow and shapen yourself,

So let’s not cut them off yet, let’s learn.

Or maybe all these are just lame excuses or genuine ones,

Who cares?

You and only you, because its life,

Choose wisely.

For now, pour yourself some wine,

Head to your window and slowly drink your wine as you watch the sun set.

Have an amazing 2019.

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