Snow Leopard : Ghost of the mountains

Snow Leopard : Ghost of the mountains

Snow leopard is also known as the ghost of the mountains. This is as a result of their extreme solitary behaviour. These leopards don’t even have a group name. That’s how serious they observe their solitude.

They are one of the wildlife in my bucket-list to look for before i bid this world goodbye. I came to appreciate and love them through a conservationist blog. She is using her blog to raise awareness and offer support towards snow leopard conservation.

Where can you find them?

Snow leopard can be found in Russia, China, Tajikistan, Nepal,Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Kazahstan , Pakistan as well as India.

Did you know ?

China holds 60% of the snow leopard population

Their Habitat

They are adapted to the cold mountainous areas. Hence able to withstand very low temperatures and high altitudes.
They prefer the rocky mountain but can also be found in the dense forests.
Their coat offer them camouflage to their environment.

Physical appearance

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