Is Respect still earned?

Is Respect still earned?
The respect you hold for people, what do you base it on?

Is it on their fame, money, influence, what they do for you, achievements, age, size, or something else?

Do you still believe that respect should be earned?

A young lady went to the washroom while the cleaners were doing cleaning,

Ignoring the sign post indicating cleaning in session,

She arrogantly went ahead to the washroom,

The old woman clean the washroom tried to stop her,

But she rudely ignored her and clicked as she forcefully made her way into the washroom.

According to her, the cleaner is not worthy enough to respect,

So she chose to snob her.

An old woman in a public bus decides and insists of being dropped in undesignated drop-off point,

She is made to understand that that's not possible,

And she need to be patient and went for the next drop-off point,

She becomes dramatic and start calling the bus driver all sort of bad names,

But driver said nothing to her in return.

Have also noticed how rich and famous people are treated?

Even the arrogant ones are treated very well,

While the poor and not-well known people,

Most people just ignore them and give no respect.

I still think and believe that respect should be earned.

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16 thoughts on “Is Respect still earned?

  1. I’m an Episcopalian. Part of my baptismal vow is “to seek and serve Christ in all persons.” I believe all people are deserving of respect – even people who do vile things. It’s not always easy, but we are called to love and to serve.

    The way I view it, I do not know where that other person is on their life’s journey. I do not know what life holds for them, and I don’t know what life’s done to them. Loving and respecting all people isn’t being a doormat or accepting abuse, but it does require that I not respond to rudeness with rudeness. That prevents escalating the situation. Sometimes, this acting in love means stepping in to support and defend the person who’s the target. Merely knowing that the rudeness will be challenge often stops the rude person, and having a bystander offer support can mean a great deal to the person who’s being attacked.

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