How do we share the available space in planet Earth

Is it out of Necessity or Greed?

How do we share the available space in planet Earth? Species who have best adaptions seems to have their way. The rule being, survival for the fittest plus a new one, and the greediest too.

Human population has been growing at an alarming rate. I guess we are among the top species in reproduction. This is despite some countries advocating for having at most two kids, others begging their population to have kids while others begging them to lower the number of kids they plan to have. Some countries on the other hand, are okay with any number of kids you are able to have.

Despite the number of births contributing to the high population. We have many diseases even terminal ones wiping away human population in huge numbers. But still our numbers are high. We are equally reporting high numbers of deaths. I think it’s almost true when we are told that each minute, a baby is born somewhere in the world.

Evolution and urbanization has contributed to numerous changes in this planet. People’s way of living have changed greatly hence needing more than the planet can keep up with. Technology has placed development on a super sonic speed.

Many many years ago, our ancestors lived in small communities hence occupied very little space for their occupation. Nowadays, everyone wants to have their own place and a very big mansion. Whereby you can find some living alone in a mansion that can accommodate a whole estate.

Land is measured by its economic value and if something does bring much, it’s replaced. And this where wildlife suffers. No one seem to really understand the value to allowing wildlife have their space untouched. The investors come up with great ideas to shut down any possibility of allowing land to remain bare for wildlife to live in.

This has lead to fragmentation of conservation areas and disappearance of wildlife corridors. Land encroachment is happening all over the world. Wetlands are drying up and forest disappearing. Not many of us seem to be bothered by this. As they tend to think that they have an upper hand compared to wildlife. Its like the planet is theirs while the rest can go by their rules.

Most conservation areas have been wiped out of existence due to the assumption that they don’t bring in enough revenue. They are transformed to towns or factories which seems to bring in more cash. Income generation is what they use as a yard stick while deforesting our forests.

As much as we may see conservation areas as a waste of resource, we are terribly wrong. The value that conservation areas holds can not be measured money-wise. They do hold the most crucial elements needed for our smooth running and lives.

But can humans survive without other species?

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