Life is fragile, handle with Prayer.

Everyone believes on something/one greater than them,

Whom/which they believe have powers,

Powers to protect them, bless them, show them the way, among others.

It's a good start.

Everyone is dealing with something in their lives,

Maybe similar or different to what you are dealing with,

But experience will always be different,

Though they can always relate to.

"Placing yourself in their shoes"

We use the phrase a lot while trying to empathize with others,

It doesn't necessarily mean that we can be able to understand and comprehend what they are going through,

But we are just offering a helping hand/shoulder to lean on/listening ear,

Something to help reduce the pain and show we care.

No matter how life turns out to you,

We do have only one shot,

Once you are dead,

Nothing can be done.

Pain is vital,

Makes us strong and understanding,

Failures and all bad things maybe be unfair,

But they always serve some purpose.

After all, no one is coming out alive from this planet.

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