Letter to all FAKE Conservationists

This must be  one of my saddest letter.

Why would you pretend to fight for wildlife?

Why would you take innocent citizens for granted?

Misusing their donations in destroying the same wildlife they think they are conserving.

Using conservation agenda to meet your evil hidden goals.

Hiding behind big  organizations perceived to conserve nature.

Coming up with brilliant “evil” ideas that deceive everyone and make you prosper.

Claiming to be the voice of the voiceless wildlife, while in real sense. You are taking advantage of them. Completely working to keep them silent forever.

In the face you make us believe that you are working towards species conservation. While in real sense , you are working towards their extinctions.

You invest heavily and make everyone believe that you are doing a good cause. Build influence and take up important positions in wildlife committees.

You make your way into the decision making panels. Hence becoming almost unstoppable. Coming up with policies that are unsuitable to wildlife survival.

The innocent make generous donations, knowing very well that they are doing good for the nature. Unknown to them that they are unknowingly contributing to evils being done to wildlife.

Read full letter here.

4 thoughts on “Letter to all FAKE Conservationists

  1. Yes, this includes all who kill, and post the heads of trophies on their walls. This is not conservation, only a ploy to bulldoze the savanna or the rain forest, and build large farms, “because PEOPLE need to eat” or large housing schemes,” because YOU have a comfortable house, so why shouldn’t other PEOPLE?” Well, where I live, we have wild boars (javelina), coyotes and pumas (mountain lions). Not far from here, there are pronghorns (cousins to the antelope).

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