Wildlife should be allowed a ''weekend''

Zebras are well known for their beautiful stripes. Just like the other animals, they have amazing coats that offer useful insights and ideas to fashion industry.

Zebras are closely related to the horse and donkeys. They do interbreed sometimes, giving birth to zebroids. The zebroid can be zedonk, zenkey, zorse, zebra mule, zonkey or zebmule. Depending on which species they interbreed with.

Most of the zebroid are usually sterile and infertile. This is due to the odd numbers of chromosomes. As a result the process of meiosis is interrupted. Making it difficult for them genetically.

Zebras are native to Africa. Mainly found in the Savanna, grassland, mountains and semi-arid areas.

Their main dish is grass. But they do consume leaves, herbs, bark and shrubs occasional. They are herbivores and spend most of their time feeding.

Zebras are social animals hence live in groups. The groups known as harems with a dominant male or bachelor for the young male zebras.

When attacked, they fight as a group. Whereby the baby zebras, foal, are placed in the middle as the dominant male fight the predators. They are good at escaping their enemies, by running in zigzag(galloping). Their kicks are also dreadful.

Just like giraffes, zebras sleep while standing.

The stripes not only gives zebras a beautiful look. But helps to disperse heat from the bodies by roughly 70%. It also offer camouflage from the enemies.

Just like human fingerprint, zebras’ stripes are unique to each zebra. Meaning no two zebras can have same stripes. Foals are able to identify their mothers using the stripes.

The foal will have brownish and white stripes while growing up. Then turn to black and white, as they mature.

Foal have brownish and white stripes.
Foal have brownish and white stripes.

Do you know about the famous Wildebeests Migration? (If not, worry not, will give you full details in the next post.) Zebras do take part in this migration.

Zebras have 3 species. Namely:


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  1. I have always found zebras fascinating. The species that are in decline, because people like their meat, could possibly be raised domestically, much as our American bison have come to be ranch animals-also because they make good eating.

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