What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife?

What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife_

As you may already know, Kenya lost all its rhinos meant to be  trans-located to Tsavo. All of them, meaning the whole process failed horribly. And the painful part, is the loss of our precious rhinos.

Investigations are being done and some officials have been suspended. Some blame the government , while others blame the team involved in the process. But the harsh truth is, the rhinos are dead and gone. And nothing can be done to bring them back.

To me, everyone who was involved in that mission failed us and most importantly failed the rhinos. Its a collective decision making and no one can separate themselves from the blame. Its a shame and disgrace.

Our One and Only Male Northern White Rhino is Gone

We mourned Sudan (the last male northern white rhino ) the other day, promising to do more for this species, then this. Am so ashamed and angry at the same time.

Rhinos are one of the species, planet earth has been too harsh towards. We have been cruel to this species and they are quickly giving up. Most of its species are already either threatened or endangered. They are quickly fading away.

Scientists and conservationist have been doing their best to rectify the mess. Making things right for species. Trying to ensure that no harm is done towards them. They are basically trying to help species not disappear forever.

They have succeeded in some cases and lost in others. They have been support by both government and non-government bodies. People are also embracing this noble act and joined the fight. Making conservation personal to most of us.

Conservationists have been known to fight for wildlife justice. They a times have to risks they own lives for the sake of wildlife welfare. Most of them use their own resources hence never paid for all the sacrifices. Their happiness is when everything is going well for wildlife.

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4 thoughts on “What is the real and true Justice for Wildlife?

  1. I don’t know where the mess was , because when this people who are responsible for transferring the 11 rhinos are asked ,they say that everything was put to plan with all necessary investigation and equipment .The Big Question is ,What then killed the Rhinos?. For me I think we have come to a point where the government is supposed to wake up and be serious about our wildlife .This people are supposed to be arrested and one by one explain ,where the problem was ,anyone unable to explain is to be retained without trial .But at the same time I ask myself… What did they gain if they contributed to the died of this Endangered species? WE NEED INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATORS IN THIS MATTER!

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  2. Yes, it is absolutely unfortunate our lack of consciousness to be grateful for what we have in this beautiful world. Men hunger to feel superior, conquer and be on top of everything and to devour everything, seems endless…will be a point in time in which not even the entire Galaxy will be enough to feed our senseless greed and selfishness. I strive for animal protection and respect and think we should teach in all schools love and compassion for non-identical beings. Children will emulate what they learn. To have compassion and respect for other living beings is more challenging than to do it for the ones we consider as our ¨equals¨. We should continue striving for love and compassion for all species and especially for those that are not our own. when we learn to love all species, we will be more loving to our own.
    One article on the fight for animal rights:

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    1. I totally agree with you. We need to up our game on our approach towards conservation awareness and education. Animals deserve to be respected and protected. We are their voice and we should stand firm for them.

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