Rare Animals Found In The Deep Water Bodies

After reading more about the animal with albinism and how rare they are. I was motivated to research on the rare animals found in the deep water bodies. Rare status motivates curiosity.

Rare animals are  species that are  not common and not easily encountered. They are not necessarily endangered or threaten.

I was able to read about the many rare animals found in the ocean. And saw it was fit I share some of the information with you.

Lets expand our knowledge on these species together. So we will discuss the following species:

Frilled Shark

Frilled Shark
They are found in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
Their named is based on their appearance of its six pairs of gill slits that are frilly.
They are similar to snakes in several ways. Namely;
Their feeding habits of swallowing their prey whole. And needle like teeth that makes it difficult for their to get away.
Their body shape.
Their way of hatching babies. A process known as viviparous.
They are of no economic value hence not looked for by fishermen.

Goblin shark

Goblin shark

They are widely spread in the oceans.
This a rare shark that has an almost transparent skin. The have unique tooth structures and snout.
Their long and flat snout decreases with age. They are of less concern as their encounter with humans is rare.
Their method of reproduction is yet to be confirmed.

Giant Spider crab 

Giant Spider crab 
It is found in Japan.
They are considered a delicacy. This has promoted over-fishing which seriously reduce their population.
The distance between its claws can go upto 5.5 meters and weighs close to 19 kilograms.
Their claws can cause harm. And they have survive after losing their legs.

Atlantic wolffish

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