Work Place

Work Place

This is one place we spend most of our hours, days, weeks, months and even years at. We may love, hate or not sure what to feel about it.

The workplace we are talking about today, is the one under an employer. Not the self-employed ones. The ones we work under someone and report to other people. Do you love your workplace?

Some of us love our jobs, some of some hate it. Some are driven by passion , others by the need to pay bills. Either way, it’s the driving force that keeps people working.

But we are not discussing about that today. It doesn’t matter what drives you or how you relate to your workplace. Today we are discussing what boundaries to maintain with your workmates.

How much do you allow your workmates know about your life? Do you see them as friends, family or simply workmates? How you see them determines what you allow them get exposed to in your life.

We spend many hours of our lives around our colleagues.
We spend many hours of our lives around our colleagues.

Human resource department have done good work at creating bonding fun activities. This is return has created strong bonds among the employees. Hence seeing each other as one big “family”.

In the spirit of these bonding activities, employees end up finding their love and even life partners. The unlucky ones got heart breaks and awkwardness, some choosing to depart and look for jobs somewhere else. While some had to stay back and ignore all the awkwardness.

This is why some organization restrict dating among its employees. It may seem like a harsh thing to do and against human rights. But it’s somehow making sense if you think about it deeply. I don’t know what you think about it?

Some people found their life partners at the work place
Some people found their life partners at the work place

Enough of the lovy dovy stuff. What personal stuff do you keep away from your colleagues? Are you that person who lays down all their cards to almost everyone. Letting everyone at work know all your current affairs. I hope not.

Do you remember during your interview? Did you tell the interviewers about your personal stuff, things that don’t affect your job directly? Like the car you just bought the other day. Or the fight you had last night with your spouse or sibling. Such things, did you let them know?

Truth be told, not everyone will be happy when you get a promotion just because you have developed friendship. Whether they say it loud or hide it, they are working hard to progress forward. And if they were to choose who to be promoted, they will always choose themselves.

Teamwork spirit allows us to work together for a common goal. But don’t be fooled that they are okay being down their once you are promoted. Being the one representing the success of teamwork. We are humans and no one likes being the second best.

Then they are those who are very malicious and evil. They innocently pretend to be your friend and caring. They gather all your information and use it against you. The backstabbing workmates / the fake friends / jealous ones. They spread your vernable side  to everyone.

So what am trying to say here?

Irregardless of what you feel or a relationship you have created at your workplace. Always put in mind that they were first you colleagues and it will be safe to keep that in mind. No matter how deep they may have touched your life, don’t allow your personal life be mixed up with your professional one . It will save you a lot of heart ache and reputation.

Just the same way we don’t go around telling every one of our families dramas, treasure your private life. Guard it and ensure no one take it away from you.


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  1. This is extremely good advice! I have seen what happens to people who share too much of their personal lives with their coworkers, and it often comes back to haunt them. It can be tempting to confide in the people we spend a good amount of our lives with, but some things truly are best reserved for those we aren’t in potential competition with.

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