If You Can’t Reuse It, Refuse It (One Use Plastics)

Plastic Ban In Kenya Score Sheet

Yes, we have all agreed that if you can’t reuse it.,refuse it. Saying NO to one use plastics. As we mark World environment Day, the theme is to beat plastic pollution. We are to work together in ensuring that we avoid use of one time use plastics.

This year’s World environment day was celebrated by more people. It seems that conservation education and awareness is finally get home. More people are aware of the need to stop pollution.

Governments, organizations and individuals were able to mark this important day. The message was similar across board.Beating plastic pollution.

Most countries including Kenya have ban the use of one time use plastics. This was a great progress towards a plastic free universe. More laws are being made to regulate plastic use.

Banning of one use plastic bags is just the beginning. We should be able to find alternatives for other plastics too. This includes the straws, utensils, among others. None of the plastics decompose, hence end up harming the environment.

Oceans are the most affected in this fight.

Oceans are where plastics find their way into, once discarded. Tonnes of plastics have been retrieved from these water bodies during clean-ups. As the rivers and other water bodies fed the ocean with water. They do carry plastics with them.

Plastics are light hence floats on water bodies and easily carried away by waves. They end up causing more harm to the marine life.

These effects include:

  • Preventing oxygen from penetrating into the ocean. As they form a layer on the top of the water. No air is allowed to penetrate through.
  • Prevents light. Plants growing at the surface of these water bodies need light. Photosynthesis becomes impossible. Plants end up dead.
  • Marine  animals do confuse plastic for food. They end up feeding on these plastics. Plastics are indigestible. And with time, these animals end up dead.
  • Plastic do produce harmful toxins. The toxins causes serious illness to both marine life and humans.
  • They cause suffocation.
  • They tangle marine life.

Just to name a few.

Say No To One Use Plastics

For plastics to disappear, we have to act as a universe.They are many ways you can be able to contribute to a plastic free universe. These includes:

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