#Me Too

#Me Too

We all remember this harsh tag, right? More women came out and it was evident that sexual harassment was a problem. It mainly concentrated on those assaulted at work place.

In Kenya, it was more shocking. As the assaults were and still are rampant in public vehicles. More women and girls came out. This helped offer more awareness and the message got almost home.

Its my hope that the cases have reduced. It’s a journey yet to be successful. Good news is that something was being done and fruits could be seen. Women no longer suffered in silent but spoke up.

Sexual assault monster seems to have pitched tents to under age now. Little humans who can do very little to protect themselves. Being assaulted by the same people who are to protect them.

Rape cases are all over the news. The incidences are increasing as days goes by. It has affected both girls and boys. Boy child too has been affected this time round.

Students in boarding schools are no longer safe. They are vulnerable and at risk. Of being raped by outsiders and those from inside.

What goes through thoughts of those monsters who rape kids under ten years? Its not that its okay to rape those over ten years. But am trying to understand what provokes this heart-breaking act.

Homes are not safe either, parents are molesting their own kids. Their own flesh and blood. A betray that is extremely to fathom. How did we get here?

How do you punish a kid by attacking their private parts? Destroying kids’ reproduction organs right from the beginning. How will they ever recover from that?

Has humanity completely deserted us ? What generation will it be once their kids grow up? They have already been wrong in enormous ways. And may never understand why it happened to them.

A handful of them have been able to speak up and got help. What about the big lot that are scared to speak up. What happens when they can no longer take it. Who do they turn to.

I think laws should also be made tight. In that these monsters don’t find a way out. Even lawyers should decline jobs offered by these horrible people. Yes they do I have a right to be represented by a lawyer…But how do you fight for someone who just destroyed an innocent baby? They should be left to rot in prisons. That’s what I think.

As Africans, a kid belongs to the community. Hence supposed to be taken care of and corrected by the community collectively. But the communities are now more of strangers. The very people who are doing the unspeakable acts.

Kids are vulnerable and almost defenseless. Are we taking advantage of that. It’s very sad and heartbreaking. And makes me think, do we have a new species of humans.

A species that doesn’t recognize humanity at all. The other day it was, spouse killing each other. Mark you, they are still doing that. Now the kids are being sexually molested. Let me not even start on all the corruption being reported all over.

It’s all messed up. And the decision is dependent on you and me. Where did we go wrong? We have to go back at the drawing board. Get to understand the value of humanity.

To all the victims, all I can say. Take heart and visit someone like a therapist. Let it all out. Forgive us and reconstruct your lives. Things may never be the same again. But life has to go on. Be strong for your own good. Because as it is. This is a messed up planet.

I really don’t know……Maybe we should run away and never come back…


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7 thoughts on “#Me Too

  1. Wow… I am in complete agreement with your heart. Thank you for your important post. I was abused and molested as a young child. I told my parents and they didn’t believe me, the abuse continued. I grew up having a corrupt view of love and my first boyfriend was abusive and almost killed me, several times. Another boyfriend, a longtime boyfriend.. he raped me. I went to a 12 week healing seminar at church and it is amazing that God can redeem. I’m now married to the sweetest man, we have 2 children.. But this is a dark world with so many sexual predators and not enough protection and rights. I pray that my children become strong in martial arts and communicating what’s going on.

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