How Did You Celebrate the World’s Cultural Day

How Did You Celebrate the World's Cultural Day

Today was World Cultural day with the theme to promote diversity. Different communities around the globe were able to celebrate their diverse cultures.

Diversity is what makes the world colorful. It helps us appreciate our uniqueness. We are able to displace various activities of cultural value. It’s an opportunity to reflect on how things were before urbanization.

Cultural values are vital in promoting nature conservation. It’s what promoted peaceful coexistence between humans and wildlife. They were able to live along each other peaceful. Everyone was happy.

Pros of cultural festivals and events

  • They promote peace and cohesion
  • They promote tourism.
  • They promote a sense of belonging and comfort.
  • They help strengthen both society and family structures.
  • They promote new knowledge and education.
  • They promote understanding and appreciation of different food and drinks recipes.

The list is endless…That’s why is important and fun to celebrate cultural festivals and events.

You get to dance like no one is watching
You get to dance like no one is watching

Some of the cultural festivals and events in Kenya include:

Lake Turkana Festivals

This festival allows us to celebrate the cultural diversity of Marsabit county. Brings together its 14 ethnic communities, other Kenyans and visitors from all of the world. Allows us to enjoy the unique songs and dances.

Rusinga Festival

It aims at promoting suba culture. It was founded by Anne Eboso and is usually held on the Rusinga Island. Rusinga island is located within Homabay County.

Storymoja Festival

Just like the name spells out, story. This festivals brings together authors and book lovers. It involves workshops, discussions and some bit of entertainment.

You get to express your creativity
You get to express your creativity

Maralal Camel Debry

This is one the best cultural festival. It attracts tourists from all over the world. It involves competition of camels ride by both amateurs and gurus. Aims at promoting and celebrating samburu culture.

Rhino Charge

Do you love the four-wheel drives, adventure and speed? Then this is one of the festivals, you dare not miss. For you to emerge winner, you have to be able to visit most of the check points using shortest distnace. So creativity in creating routes is an added advantage.

Lamu Festival

Its one of the oldest cultural festival to be founded. Offers enjoyment and understanding of the swahili culture. It is held………………This festival involves dhow sailing races, donkey races, henna paintings, artisan craft making and Bao games.

Koroga Festivals

This is a music festival that brings together some of the best musician across continent. You are able to enjoy live performance by your favourite artists.

Mombasa Carnival

Do you always buy souveniers in all places you visit? Do you love new and amzing food recipes? What about learning those new moves and enjoying yourself in awesome consume? Mombasa carnival is yours to attend. Get to enjoy some fun and learn more about the swahili culture.

Shela Hat Contest


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