Cleanliness is next to godliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Have you ever been near someone whose hygiene is really wanting? They cause a change of the atmosphere immediately they occupy. Maybe its their oral health, feet, body odor, body odor camouflaged by a strong cologne, and many others.

Bathing helps to get rid of all the tiredness
Bathing helps to get rid of all the tiredness

Most of the time, I have found out that they rarely notice it themselves. Or maybe they assume. But I don’t still understand why it should get to that point. As an adult , we should be able to manage our hygiene effectively.

I understand those who have natural body odor due to medication or their health state. Of which, most have been advised on ways to cover their body odor. And they do it excellently.

Showering once a day keeps body odor away
Showering once a day keeps body odor away

So how do you tell someone about their bad hygiene? How do you do it without hurting their feelings? Or sounding rude and harsh to them. Or you just ignore and mind your own business.

Cleanliness is being clean and free from dirt. It involves the habit of achieving and maintaining that state.

Cleanliness is as a result of cleaning. It contributes to beauty and good health. If you are clean , your hygiene will be good hence be able to not get sick regularly.

Smelling good is awesome
Smelling good is awesome

Maintaining  good hygiene is important for a healthy living and disease free life.


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