A Letter From A Frustrated Parent

A Letter From A Frustrated Parent

What has happened to you son? I have been wondering for a while now with no answer.

Is it something I have not done right? Or something I haven’t provided yet? Or just a choice you have made. To frustrate me. It’s like I no longer know you. It feels like am no longer your mother. The way you have been treating me. Even in my wildest imagination, I never thought this day will come.

You no longer answers both my calls and texts. Yet am the one who bought you that very phone. Load it with airtime and still. You ignore me on it. I wonder if buying it for you was a mistake. I hope you find need to read this letter. I really need to pass this message.

It’s just the other day, I used to blow your nose. Feed you and watch you make your first step. I sacrificed everything to provide you the best life. Work very hard to ensure you never miss the essentials of life. Took you to best schools within my budget. Put my life on hold just to promote your growth.

I never denied you anything you requested as long as I was able to. Your comfort was my number one priority. I never wanted anything less for my little boy. You were my prince.

Then you grew up and hit the 18 years old mark. I don’t know what changed in you. But you are not my little boy that I know. You have been doing exactly what I have lived warning you not too. It’s like you are paying me a revenge. Sadly, you are doing it opening. Like you are sending me a message. That you don’t care and I don’t scare you.

Walking out while am addressing you has become a norm. Follow my instructions, is no longer your priority nor a concern. Am just an old woman making unnecessary noise. Giving me disgraced looks.

You are yet to stand on your own. Still depends on me for your food, shelter, clothing, in short. I am still responsible for your upkeep. But this coming to an end. Soon enough I will need you to be on your own feet. Live on your own and have your own family.

That’s when you will really understand what am doing through right now. If your kids happen to turn out like you have. You will understand the pain am going through.

I just want the best for you. That’s why I try my best to counsel you. Whatever you think is cool now will only create problems to your future. Maturity comes with responsibilities. Life has a way of catching up with our actions and decisions.

Do your best to correct your current way of living. Since there’s still time for redemption. I do what I do out of love as a parent. Please do understand that.

I hope to see changes soon.

Loving mum.


She silently folded the letter and inserted inside his son’s backpack. Hoping very soon her son will correct his awful ways and embrace obedience.



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4 thoughts on “A Letter From A Frustrated Parent

  1. This is God’s way of making it easier for us moms when they leave the nest. I have 3 sons who are in their 30’s now. This truth I know—yours will reappear, he’s not gone, just slightly altered but the real boy will re-emerge.

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