You don’t have to continue fighting a war you already lost,
You have been strong but it’s not working any more,
Do you know why people cry?
They do so since they have been holding strong long enough.

I can see beyond your plastic smile,
But I won’t force it,
It’s your call to make ,
When will you agree and actually cry for help.

I see and feel your pain,
When we chat and talk randomly,
As you try your hardest to act “normal”
I feel your pain.

Camouflaging the pain with a ” I don’t care attitude”
Doesn’t hold or help for long,
Instead it worsens the inner damage,
Why have you chosen not to cry for help.

It hurts to see you lose the way,
See you lose yourself,
See you give up on everything and everyone,
With a mask on like everything is just fine.

Cry of help has to come from within,
No matter how you feel or think,
Try your best to remember that we are together in this,
Please do it for us.

Stop for just one minute to actually cool down,
Put on hold everything and allow your mind to cool off,
Try to see if you can remember where things started to go wrong,
Re track all your moves.

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it,
You may feel like a loser at some point,
Get angry at yourself or decisions you made,
But just think them through with a calm and open mind.

Time is precious and can never be recovered,
But when time is given time,
It heals almost everything,
So just allow time time.

Published by Cheche Winnie

Article Writer and Blogger I am blogger , proof reader, writer and copy writer with a Bachelor degree and three years of experience. I write easy to read articles with excellent English and zero grammatical error. Articles that are creative and deliver the inteneded message . I do intense research while writing the articles. I always deliver my work on time and adhere to the timelines given. Always online hence able to start working on your piece as soon as your hire me. I work in real time. Nature Conservationist Passionate about nature conservation education and awareness. I believe that our existence depends on the mother nature. I am also have skills in researching and have managed to publish my own article on the effects of the exotic plants species on the indigenous plants in the Arid lands of Kenya.

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