You Should Try This Some Day

You Should Try This Some Day

So the other day I was bored and didn’t have anywhere interesting to visit . And I didn’t  want to spend it indoors either . I needed some fresh air. As I stepped out of my house, I had no idea where I was going to.

After few steps, I had an idea. I live somewhere in between the two extreme social class. And boom, I had something to discover. So I started with the high-class guys first. It was much closer and being similar to where I would love to own my apartment some day. I picked it as my first destination.

This neighbour was very attractive and clean. Every thing seemed organized and it was like nothing was happening there. The bored gatemen were just gazing at their phones lonely at the gates. Thanks to the present a zillion social media sites that keep people busy nowadays. I wonder if these gate men would mind company or someone to just chat with them physically.

Am normally a shy person but I tried something new here. At first, I chickened out at the last-minute but got it at the second trial. I approached one of the gatemen, he was somehow old. I think that’s what boosted my courage. I wore a very wide smile on my face as I approach him.

I know you are wondering why I had to approach this man. I needed to strike a conversation but not come out as interrogating. I started off to inquire on how to get a house in that neighborhood. He instantly laughed off that idea. And that was a plus for me. The big part was over and striking a conversation became easier. After laughing at me, he looked me with very caring eyes. He slowly said his wise words eventually. He cared to explain how only the “very rich” stay in that neighborhood.

I went ahead to explain to him how I would like to own one of those houses someday. I let him know that it was more of a window shopping for my dream home. He was very friendly and we chatted for a while. He enlightened me a lot and just like that, I got myself a new friend.

I still had to visit the other side, so I had to cut short our chat. I bid my new friend goodbye and processed to my next destination.

This place had everything in order from the well maintained roads, clean streets, adequate lighting ,and all the amenities community needed was available. It felt calm and peaceful but you could feel some loneliness too. Luckily , the birds filled the atmosphere with their beautiful songs. Apart from the gate men, security and cars, I was not able to see other humans.

My next destination was an opposite of my first one. People were all over the place. Small businesses were huge in numbers. The area was very lively. Kids were playing joyfully in small groups. Everyone seem to be contented and enjoying the little they had. I was able to enjoy a football match between some grown ups and kids.

I like it when the older counter parts find time to mingle with the younger ones. And this match made me extremely happy. The grownups were easy on the kids but not enough to allow them score a goal. They end up with a draw. I wish they would have allowed them at least one goal. But I that would make them weak, so it was okay to have them work extra hard.

Here I was able to interact with various people much easier. They were willing to chat and easy to go along with. Happiness was all over the atmosphere and you could feel it.

Unfortunately, the road were full of pot holes, litter every where, most of the streets lights were not functional, among others. Despite being the majority of the voters, the politicians have not yet done enough for this amazing people. These people seem not much bothered by all these shortcomings, I guess they have got used to them. They were happy and looked contented.

It was time to head back to my house. I walked home trying to figure out all I had witnessed that particular day. It was a thoughtful day and productive idea to execute.

When you have some free time, give it a trial and move around.

The Atmosphere smelt clean
The Atmosphere smelt clean



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