Can a mother neglect her baby?

Can a mother neglect her baby?

Do you think its possible for a mum to neglect her baby?
In this era, I have come to learn to learn that everything is very possible. Even the most craziest think you can think of. It’s possible.

We are in an era whereby physical appearance have been given a lot of weight. People are doing crazy stuff to their bodies. Just to have that “perfect” body. The ladies are the biggest culprits. This has come with a cost.

Ladies are no longer willing to carry their own pregnancies. They are investng on the surrogate mothers. They don’t want to mess up with their hour glass shapes. They are willing to do abosuletly anything to have it that way. Babies are being introduced to formulas way too early. They are being denied the essential mum’s milk.

It does’nt end there. The baby is left at the care of a nanny. They are the ones to shape and bring up the left out lovely angels. Seeing their mothers is like a booked appointment. Its very limited and short.

Surprisingly, these mothers are very good at updating the babies’ progress all over the social media. #moments. Bragging of each progress made despite not aiding in any. Paying a nanny or some else to do your job is not parenting. Parenthood can not be bought or price tagged.

No matter how busy your are, you have to find some quality time with your babies. That’s why the laws advocated for both maternity and paternity leaves for all employed humans. They understand the importance of paents in babies’ lives at the very beginning. Especially mum’s involvement once a baby is born.

What a man can do, a woman can do better. One thing for sure it that, no matter how feminist you may be. They are some roles that are exclusive for females. Whether we like it or not. It’s awesome that the girl child has been able to conquore all the odds and proved not to be inferior. But this should not be at the expense of our womanhood. It’s what make us unique from the men.

There’s another type of women who are wierd. They dispose the new borns immediately after birth or abort when they are almost due. Just like the dead beat fathers, they don’t want anything to do with the babies. They refuse to take responsibilities. Willingly they neglect their duties as mums.

Its sad, we have women who will do anything to be able to have that child but aren’t able to. They have undergone all kinds of treatments but the outcomes have been negative. They are desperate to have their own child.

Staying at home moms arrangements can be difficult at this era. But this doesn’t mean , babies should be neglected when they need their mum. They should be able to be offered al, the required support and motherhood experience. Consimetic motherhood aint working.

If you are unable to embrace full motherhood as a woman, no need to do it quarter way. Fathers neglecting you can be devastating. But it’s worst coming from mothers.

We still work twice hard to prove we can offer same service as the male. And its challenging. Some still think we are not capable to drive big achievements. But they are very wrong. We were able to proof them wrong. Let’s ensure our motherhood nature is not taken away. Its one think we are naturally excellent at.

Hats off to all working mums that make time for their little angels. Thank you for working extra hard work both at home and work. You are role models to many. You will enjoy your labor’s fruits someday. And those who decided to quit their job or venture into self-employment. just to be with the kids. Congrats. It’s not a call many would embrace.


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