What’s Happening with Kids Nowadays

What's Happening with Kids Nowadays

I still don’t understand how kids turned out this way. They are no longer kids per say but unprepared adults. They are busy getting babies so in short, babies have babies. And sad thing is , almost everyone is getting comfortable with the idea.
I remember when I was growing up, despite my mum being very busy with her business. If I committed any mistake, she always had time to discipline me and it was the worst thing to happen. It was a world war 3 for me. So I had to avoid anything that would lead me there. Most of the time I spent with our home workers so I still don’t 100% agree the reason people keep blaming on the “absent parents”.
The current economy is not friendly to a stay at home parent. Both parents have to be working to make ends meet. To make it worst, they even carry their work to home. At the back of their mind, I believe they are doing all that so as to offer their kids better life. And as we know, everyone is doing their best to offer a better life to their kids tha what was offered to them by their parents.
As much as you are busy working for a bright future for the kids, work equally hard to make sure your kids have the right directions to follow. In your busy schedules, always slot your kid’s upbringing in it. Let them know what to follow and what not to. It’s not wrong to say No to their unrealistic demands once in a while. Help them understand how each decision have impact in the future lives. make it your business to know what is happening in their lives. Freedom is a good thing to allow them but always remember that too much freedom is dangerous. Don’t allow your hard work to be spent in rehab and police stations if not death. Your kids should be your top-notch priority.
What about the role models? They are few nowadays and many of them seem to live a double life. Have you ever paid keen interest on people on the official video, vlogs and real life. It’s not a surprise to find out that they may be living a very different lives in each of those platforms. Yes, we are all doing our best to live like chameleons. So what happens when a kid falls in love with one of the famous persons as their role model. You will find yourself digging deep about your role model so as to understand how they do it, right? Then boom you find yourself in the past known privacy which is no longer private anymore. Internet snatched that from many. Whether you like it or not, internet will have a way to expose you out there. Back to our digital role model, you have identified them so how do you know what to sieve and what to apply in your life. To be sincere, very little in being offered to these kids. They are left to choose on their own but when they make bad decisions, we go for their necks.
Another thing is the TV PG, you know it right?. The media have work tirelessly to ensure that before they show any TV show, they have identified according to age. They go ahead to inform about it every time a show begins. But that’s just a first step and may be worthless if nothing follows it. Do you think your kid will change channel when they don’t apply to the required age bracket? Human are curious by nature, so it will be very likely if not obvious, for them to explore whatever is being restricted to them. So the media efforts of informing the PG/GE will be in vain.
Kids are able to watch everything and especially what they are not needed to see. Human are well-known for imitating. That’s how we grow and it greatly affects how we turn out. They will start applying what they watch on the screens. Not screens alone but even what they see on the streets especially the big cities. Long time ago, in Africa, kids were raised by the community but nowadays things changed. You will find yourself in a very hot soup if you tried to correct someone’s else kids. People are busy showing off and neglected the important fundamentals. Parents are urging with each other in front of their kids. Some parents have also refused to embrace their age and stuck at the teenage age, doing crazy stuff. How is the kid able to filter what to take in and what not to?
Lets stop being sad from a distance and take action. They are our future generation and its our job to ensure they turn out in good shape. Do your part and listen to them, we have just been talking too much.

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13 thoughts on “What’s Happening with Kids Nowadays

  1. I don’t have children so speaking about the challenges of parenting in this new technological world is probably out of turn. But unprepared adults I do see, and you don’t have to have kids to know, that is just a failure to give youth the basic life skills they need to thrive.

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