Whats happening to Our Youth Population

Whats happening to Our Youth Population

It’s sad when a young person dies. They vanish with their wonderful dreams that could change our world for the best. More young people are losing their lives leaving behind their old folks. Is this how its supposed to be?

Look around and recheck all your friends that you have buried so far? How are old were they when they met their death? Was their death natural or could have been saved? How did they live their lives? What about the moments you shared?

Unlike before, a few years ago. More young people are losing their lives compared to the old folks. The teenage population is declining at an alarming rate. This is a dangerous trend to have in a given species population. What is really happening, folks?

This generation is supposed to have it the easy way. Due to the amazing developments and technology. A lot has changed making living simple but is it really simple as we think. Manpower has been seriously been declined. machines have been invented to do the heavy jobs. But did they really help?

We are brought up with a mindset to always think of our future lives. No ones bother to emphasize enough the importance of living in the present. Why it is important to enjoy each moment, without thinking where you want to be in the next 20 years. Why we should take good care of our selves and not overwork our heads.

You are taught from the start that the key to a happy life is education. But no one shows us how to be happy. Everyone is always busy, time is money.  The family become strangers while online folks become family. Instead of asking something to your folks, you choose to google it. And we all know that google will always have answers to almost everything if not everything.

We get busy while amassing more money for a perfect future. Afterall, we are told old age will be dependent on our youth age. We get eaten up by this idea and stop living. Sacrificing more hours for our jobs,  getting involved in investments and many other projects that promises a good life at our old age. All these are awesome ideas and we should practise.  But they should not be given a priority when our health is in question.

Make it count
Make it count

Let’s be nice to ourselves. Our bodies need some TLC and we won’t benefit all our hard labour while dead. Take it easy and open minded. Whatever doesn’t, don’t overstress about it. Accept what you can’t change and move on.


Published by Cheche Winnie

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4 thoughts on “Whats happening to Our Youth Population

  1. This is an amazing read 👏👏 I have seen some problems with our Kenyan teens. We have been raised in a culture where education is equated to success yet we are all have different passions, interest and talents.. It’s also high time the youth understand wealth will give you happiness NOT riches. And lastly nothing comes easy, we gotta build our GRIT..

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    1. Very true dear.. As youths we need to change our wrong presumption of a rich life in old age and live one day at a time. I have lost wonderful young people to heartaches, pressure and its really 🙁 🙁

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