Common Sense Is Not Very Common

Common Sense Is Not Very Common

Do you agree/disagree with me?

Whoever named it “common sense” may need to reconsider this name.

What is “common sense” ?

It is believed to be the ability to understand, judge and perceive. This ability is peceived to be gifted to everyone. That’s why is it perceived common. It is basicaly a normal native intelligence. It involves making sound judgements.

Do you know that they are some people who don’t have common sense?

Unforturnately, they are increasing in number every other day.
This explain :

  • Why people are sending all sort of crazy photos that are later used against them.
  • Why people continue having unprotected sex carelessly with multiple partners regardless of the danger of HIV/AID patients increasing in numbers every second.
  • Why ladies continue losing their life while aborting the unplanned babies.
  • Why people destroy the same nature they have been employed to protect.
  • Why parents will defile their own kids.
  • Why spouses will kill each other.
  • Why people no longer value life.
  • Why people lose their jobs for stupid mistakes with their bosses.
  • And the list is endless….

Anyways, google offers you ways and advise on how to do with those perceived to not have common sense.

Is not having common sense by choice or due to ignorance?

The two have some probability of leading to no common sense.
For you to make a sound judgement, you will need some knowledge and experience about the issue being decided on. In this case your short-coming on the idea of common sense is due to ignorance.
When you have the knowledge and experience but still choose to do the wrong things. Your lack of using common sense will be by choice.

We all know that maturity does not come with age, size or shape of a person. And there’s no being in between. You are either mature or immature. Unlike immature babies that their maturity can be salvage by the incubator, immaturity for adult is hard to treat or correct.

Have you ever interacted with someone who knows exactly what they are supposed to do but always does the opposite. They pretend not to care but when you study them closely, you see the pain and frustrations.

We will be right back



Published by Cheche Winnie

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16 thoughts on “Common Sense Is Not Very Common

  1. Great post and all true, but of course I know people who don’t have any common sense: I work in Education 🤪 So basically that covers everybody from the government to my senior management team, whereas my students are quite switched on 😀

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  2. Your statement about maturity not coming with age is very true; it is not an automatic thing. The only thing that comes closest to maturing or growing automatically is our physical growth (and even then, some people have unwittingly found ways to impede that!)

    You are also correct to say that immaturity in an adult is “hard to treat or correct.” Hard, yes; impossible, no. But it can be so difficult that it seems to be impossible. There’s a lot of neuroscience/brain stuff involved here (which I love to geek over but won’t take up your space explaining it all). The ultimate answer is that God can and will transform anyone who is willing and yielded to Him! Thank God for His grace!

    Finally, I think the problem we have with common sense is that, just like you said, everyone assumed everyone had it/got it automatically, so consequently, no one bothered to purposefully teach it and pass it on to the next generation!

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    1. Very true and awesome input here. I love this. i hope we can be able to teach the future generation the common sense to avoid having the current mess. Thanks biggest for the awesome input. I like geeks, they offer best and detailed info.


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