What is self-love?
What you understand regarding self-love?
Does it mean anything to you?

Do you give yourself some self-love?
Do you believe it has any benefits to you?
What are these benefits?

Can people really benefit from you having some self-love?
How do others benefit from you loving yourself?
Does it really matter to others if you had some self-love or not?

Do you do to others what you would like them do undo others?
Does the two-way traffic policy applies to you?
How do you treat others?

Do you take care of yourself?
How often do you have your own meeting?
What ways have you developed to grow yourself?

Do you build or destroy yourself?
What are the consequences effects on yourself from your actions?
Do you pat yourself on the back or curse/blame yourself?

Do you count yourself as one of your own friends?
Have you developed any friendship with yourself?
What kind of friend are you to yourself?

Do you put yourself first?
At what urgency do you treat your needs and desires?
How does your preferences affect you?

Do you have any self-loving deeds you do to yourself?
How often do you do them?
Can you name them?

Do you believe in self-forgiveness?
In cases of limitations, flaws and failures, do you forgive yourself?
Blame or forgive, which one do you do a lot to yourself?

NB: “We rarely see ourselves as perfect just the way we are. We often base our worth on who loves or doesn’t love us” – Heatherash Amara.


Published by Cheche Winnie

Article Writer and Blogger I am blogger , proof reader, writer and copy writer with a Bachelor degree and three years of experience. I write easy to read articles with excellent English and zero grammatical error. Articles that are creative and deliver the inteneded message . I do intense research while writing the articles. I always deliver my work on time and adhere to the timelines given. Always online hence able to start working on your piece as soon as your hire me. I work in real time. Nature Conservationist Passionate about nature conservation education and awareness. I believe that our existence depends on the mother nature. I am also have skills in researching and have managed to publish my own article on the effects of the exotic plants species on the indigenous plants in the Arid lands of Kenya.

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