Save Nairobi National Park

The construction of the SGR will encroach land meant for wildlife and allowing its construction of the through the Nairobi National Park will cause more harm than benefits.
Its a major threat to the survival of the wildlife and park at large. The court ordered that the construction be stopped but the China company , Kenya railways and some government agencies have ignored the court order.
They went ahead and started work their way into the park.
Be the voice for the wildlife and join the other environment warriors in a peaceful demonstration scheduled tomorrow (1st March) between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
The starting point will be the Freedom Corner, Uhuru Park, Nairobi.

For more information feel free to contact Friends of Nairobi National Park via +254 723 690 686 or

save nnp peaceful demo-1882427480..jpg


6 thoughts on “Save Nairobi National Park

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