He Thought She Thought

Cute ones

She is one of those ladies who prefer male friends.She finds it easy to relate to male gender as compared to her own gender. 85% of her hobbies and activities matches theirs.

One of her friend could not be able to have a clear understanding of her nature. He was like the best buddy and thus the girl confined in him. They did literally everything together. They were open books to each other and the girl took him as a very important friend in her life. She shared with him both the sad and happy moments in her life, asked for his opinions in some of her decisions  and even cried to him when things went really wrong. He was that guy in her life.

The guy in the other hand, had some hopes. He thought maybe some day she will see him in a different light more than just a friend. Never the less , he enjoyed their friendship and he was there for her as she was there for him. He respected, treasured and really liked her. She was part of his most important circle of people in his life.

Despite always hanging out with the boys, she mostly ended up with the wrong guys who continually broke her heart. You can guess who helped during those moments, our guy had to offer his shoulder during those times. He could offer support and advice. Silently he wished that she could see, that all she wanted was right in front of her.

He is afraid of losing her as a friend by coming clean of his feelings and the girl seems to have no clue of what he really feels. Meanwhile, they are just living as per what each of them thinks.

He thought



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