Have you ever wished that everything could go silent for just one minute,
All the noise to just disappear,
Solitude is the best remedy and gift we can give to ourselves,
Solitude is what we need.

The cities are too loud and crowded,
Noise pollution is at its best,
You spend many hours stuck on traffic,
Moving everything so fast not to be left behind.

You work for six days in a week
Only having one day for yourself
The off day is consumed by your personal errands,
So technically , you work 24/7.

We are just walking machines,
But the difference is...
We don't do maintainance to ourselves,
We keep going on and on.

We all know what happens to a machine if it is not maintained regularly,
A computer will become slow or even crush,
So you can imagine the damage we are doing to ourselves,
Remember, we don't have human spare parts so you better take care of yourself.

We all work hard for a bright future,
But do we really stop and enjoy that,
No, most people have died still working hard for a bright future,
You don't have to have a fast car, mansion or island to be happy.

Give credit to yourself where it deserves,
Respect it enough not to abuse it with the never ending work,
Its okay to stretch ourselves but not at the expense of our wellness,
Wellness is what we are working for, always have that in mind.

Solitude promotes self-awareness
It helps you listen to yourself closely and attentively,
Allows your thoughts to really concentrate on the most important agenda,which is you,
It clears all the pending commands in us.

Shut everything down and enjoy solitude, you will thank me later...

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