Small in Size Big in Value

The best safari drive involves enjoying both the big and small fauna as well as the flora. Most of us only concentrate on the big game leaving out the small ones. And thats where we all go wrong losing golden opportunities of enjoying  true treasures of nature.

Today I will introduce you to one of those small treasures that you might have missed out in the past. This treasure is a small bird known as Temminck’s courser.

Temminck's courser....

They are mainly found in the sub-saharan Africa than comprises open short-grass plains. Regardless of their small bodies, they do have long legs. Their belly is rich in a reddish-brown color with a black spot at its centre, they also do have a black stripe running from their eyes to the back of their heads.

Interestingly they lay their eggs in the burnt bushes and grass. They are very active birds and always on the move making only short stops. They have a very funny manners while forage that involves them making short quick runs while keeping their head down, briefs stops for scanning any approaching predators. They are also noted to spend most of their time on the ground rather than flying. They rarely fly.

For a complete enjoyment of their treasure, you will need not to be on hurry so as to study them fully. It is an interesting bird to interact with especially for the bird-watchers.

Next time you are out there spotting the fauna, make a point of spotting this magnificent bird.



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