Now I know…

Did you know that in the ancient Egypt 4000 years ago saw cats as symbol for fertility and motherhood? They even dedicated a temple for them……

As you digest that, the “wild cats”  are considered royal in Lamu, Kenya. Existence of these cats have a religious aspect since they believe that the prophet and his disciples were fond of them.

They do look similar to the ordinary cats, the domesticated ones, but they are sleek and angular. These features are similar to the ones during the time of Pharaohs in Egypt. They are easily spotted in the streets of Lamu scavenging and lazing around. I also once saw them at the Nairobi Orphanage Center, the captivated ones. 

hey you.jpg

So cats especially the black ones are not evil at all….I remember how as kids we were lied to that if a black “wild” cat crossed the road in front of your vehicles then you would be involved in an accidents. Very funny and scarcely, right? Then some told us that some “bad” people could be able to turn into cats and do bad stuff to us. And yes as much as I resisted to believe all that, I really feared the big black cats….

I was reading a Komba magazine and came across some really cool crazy cat facts:

  • Cats sleep 70% of their lives: now you understand why they are naturally lazy and love cuddling.
  • Some cats were mummified like Pharaohs in the ancient Egypt.
  • You can reduce risk of stroke and heart-attack by third if you owned a cat. 
  • It was illegal to slay cats in the ancient Egypt.
  • While we sweat everywhere, cats only sweat through their cute foot pads, no wonder they are always clean and cute.

How as your day.jpeg

Cats are the best buddies when you need a company to cuddle your arms and feets. They are playful and best friends.

i like youLets play moreToo boredYou look cute

Happy owning a cat now and curb risk of getting that hurt attack or stroke….


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