Animal welfare and rights

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Always remember

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So we agreed not to be mean to things/who we dislike, good , i like that and thank you.

We all know our rights but do you know any rights for the animals both the domestic and wild animals?
Don’t worry i will enlightened you on some of the welfare and rights that were formed to protect animals.

Animal rights vs animal welfare

Some of the welfare and animal rights include:
1.It’s against animal’s right to carry out any behavior or experiments that causes suffering them.
2. Animals should not be overworked.
3.Animals should be provided an environment where they can breathe properly.
4. Whereby an animal is to be killed, it should be given a quick death.
5. It is wrong to abandon injured, sick or mutilated animals.
6. Animals are to be provided with a conducive environment and be provided all the necessities including veterinary assistance.
7. No animal should be exposed to cruelty and government should protect them.
8. Both domestic and wild animals should not be abused in any manner.
9. You are not to work unfit animals or working them to exhaustion.
10. It prohibits poisoning of animals with certain poisons.
11.Animals should be raised according to their species and behaviors.

Animal rights

Did you know that animals can be represented in court and be fought for if any of the rights are stepped?
Countries like Indian banned use of captive dolphins for entertainment. They also restrict killing and consumption of cows. Indian are more focused on welfare of the stray and wild animals. This is a good trait since these animals mostly have no one to speak out for them while the domestic ones can be protected by their owners.
Malaysia prohibits shooting of stray dogs.
It is wrong in South Korea to kill an animal in the presence of another animal of same species. The killing should also not be done in public. You are not to collect fluids from bodies of live animals.

Please be kind to animals

Will you be their voice?

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Animal welfare and rights

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