Epilepsy Took Away My Sister’s Dream

She comforted and promised to write me letters while away since I was being enrolled to a boarding school while she was lucky to remain in day school. It was our first time to be in different schools and that was my last day to see my sister “normal”.

She was naturally bright and didn’t need to do much of reading like us for her great grades. She is funny, loving, empathetic, beautiful, genius, just to name a few. Everyone loved her from the teachers, workers, students and neighbors. She has always been my rock and best friend.

She loves watching airplanes especially at night and will always drag someone with her to enjoy the beautiful sight. She also loved studying stars and identify different moon shapes. We ended up spending most of the nights admiring the skies and counting falling stars. Her dream was to be a pilot someday until epilepsy happened.

My mum never told me what had happened to my sister until she had one of her seizures in my presence. It was the most heartbreaking experience I ever had. It lasted for almost ten minutes after which she didn’t remember what had happened and only complained of a head ache. My mum tried to explain to me but I could not fathom anything then, I was still young and wondered what had happened to my only small sister. I was heartbroken.

She no longer excelled at school since most of the time she spent with mum visiting hospitals. Mum was so desperate to a point of visiting herbal doctors and prayer houses, she left no stone unturned. Unfortunately none seemed to offer much help. Mum was not taking it well and in the process her blood sugar and pressure started acting up on her. My sister was her little girl and this was unbearable for her.

My sister hated the medication side effects and would resist to take the medication most of the times. She was also getting stressed for not performing as before at school and this resulted in her started being unsocial. She alienated herself and spent most of the time in her closed room. She shut many people out but luckily kept writing me letters. She could ask me difficult questions but I had to find answers to encourage her.

While in campus during my holidays, I could volunteer at her school and this enabled me to understand what had befell my sister. This also boosted my sister’s spirit and I was happy to be there for her.  Her memory was greatly affected and thus not able to remember anything for long. She could actively participate in class but forget everything within few days. The condition greatly affected her brain especially her memory part.

She didn’t do so well in her secondary education and mum decided to have her work with her at her shop. My sister embraced the idea open minded and after several therapy sessions, she started taking her condition positively and turned out to be our biggest encouragement. She even started making fun of her seizures and keeps assuring us that she still has abilities to be the superwoman. What she doesn’t know is that she is already a superwoman and am the luckiest to her as my sister.

She may not be the pilot she desired to be someday but she is an angel sent from heaven touching and changing many through her inspiring stories, bible teachings and funny moments she shares with everyone. She always put others before herself and ensures everyone has a smile on their face.



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8 thoughts on “Epilepsy Took Away My Sister’s Dream

  1. Epilepsy is a hideous condition that robs not only its immediate victim but those around them. My thoughts and prayers to you and your sister and hopes she is able to find some medical relief. In the case of my two nephews who also have seizures as well as Elsa, they all lead remarkable lives as heroes to the rest of us. Thank you for swinging by the Ranch and for the follow. We 💜 visitors especially those who are personally impacted by epilepsy.


  2. God gave your sister the best sister! Coming from someone with this condition, it is extremely, extremely helpful just when someone in the family tries to understand what is going on. You are absolutely amazing for being there for your sister from the beginning, I know for family it was difficult. But, to have a support system is a huge deal. (Though it may seem so medicore to those without epilepsy, I am apart of many support groups and this is one of the biggest struggles that most of us face). I am glad that you are able to be there for her and I really hope that you are able to see that just in that part alone, you are doing so much for her!!! We need more family members to step up like you. You’re an absolute angel ❤


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